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This week we reached the 100 sports templates milestone in Kickly, which are utilized by more than 300 teams around the globe. From matchday graphics, top performances, birthday wishes, fixtures announcements and so much more, Kickly is reinventing the ease with which sporting entities can create awesome visuals in no time. 

How did we do it? That’s a good question. We created those 100 design templates by being in touch with the teams within their respective sports, and by following their performances. We highlighted the campaigns which are used most often, get the most traction and engage the fans to the max.

Here are some of the key findings we gathered:

1) Want your sports graphics to instantly stand out? Combine a background photo with a player’s photo

It’s not like we didn’t know it, but using player photos on top of the background photos takes the graphics to another level. It gives depth to the image as well as highlighting the players in the foreground, making the design exciting and fun as shown by the examples below. 

2) Matchday sports templates are the most used

There are different categories in Kickly, but match announcements & fixtures are the most used. No surprises there right?! Any sport is the perfect platform for athletes to portray their competitive nature. To showcase their skills. And that is exactly what gets the fans going. Hence the fans are always awaiting the announcement of the next match or the list of the fixtures within a certain competition that their team would be a part of. So as a sporting organization, make sure you do not miss out on posting these graphics timely.

Amongst other types of content that are most used are player stats and lineups. Once the announcements have been made, then it is time to let your fans know who will be fighting the battles on the field. They are looking forward to that information. Another vital content for clubs is the statistical data related to player performances. And we have just the right customizable sports templates ready to go for you.

We’ve seen teams often using templates to announce partnerships. Sponsors for any sporting franchise is a major source of revenue generation. They want to be seen once they tie the knot with you. Kickly provides you just the stencils to ensure that.

3) Holidays can bring you likes

New Year, International Women’s Day, Easter – teams delighted their fans and boosted their engagement through this real time marketing technique. As the examples below show, holidays are a great way to get your fans involved in the festivity and gain engagement. Our analytics pinpoint this campaign as an absolute must do if you want your club’s performance to stay competitive in the digital realm. 

4) Geometric shapes proved to be on demand

The bespoke unique sports templates featuring different geometric shapes proved to be on demand. Fans engaged more with them, visually, they are impressive, and the more details in terms of the design elements the graphic contains, the greater its appeal. Think of it like this, if there is a football match with a lot of goals and drama in it, you would love to watch the highlights. You might even watch it again some time later. Compare it to a match with no goals, you would not expect replays of that. So novelty and depth are crucial to design and Kickly is here to take care of that. 

5) Kickly is a source for content inspiration

Once we add a template, we can see teams are creating content based on it within a matter of days. Our goal is simple; provide you with the latest designs serving a mixture of art and science. We do the research, cover all the bases and make sure you have the latest design templates to stay on top of your game. All you need to do; is get cracking. 

?Kickly is an online app for sports organizations to create graphic content in minutes. Teams and clubs around the world can unlock the potential of higher engagement, by having access to amazing pre-designed templates for matchdays, scores, lineups, stats, and much more. Sign-up for free and start reaping the benefits in seconds.

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