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The wait is finally about to end for EURO 2020. COVID-19 might have delayed the joy of football fans around the globe but one of the most followed and discussed sporting events on social media is about to begin. The fans are ready to engage, and we have just the right customisable EURO 2020 graphic design templates for you to serve amazing content to them.


The countdown template will increase the hype. Countdown to any of the fixtures your fans are interested in.

Euro 2020 fixtures

Who’s playing whom?! Announce the fixtures with this EURO 2020 themed design template. From group stages to the knockouts, we have you covered. 

Match announcement

Announce the upcoming fixture and the big matchups with this stunning design for the EURO 2020. Remember, every team logo and detail in the text is customisable.


Lineups are one of the most engaging posts. Let your fans know who will be taking the field with these graphics. 

Match result

It all comes down to the final score. Post timely and use all the traction you can with the announcement of match results for the EURO 2020. 

Player of the Match

The man who made the difference! Inform your fans about the player of the match with this bespoke EURO 2020 template.

Player quote

Fans always want to know what is going through the players’ minds before, during and after the game. Take this opportunity to serve them the content they are looking for. 

Here we have it. The most engaging personalized EURO 2020 graphic templates so you can make the most of your social media posts. Another good news for you; Kickly is offering all this for free! Sign up today to reap all the benefits.

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