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Football fever is once again at its peak as the FIFA World Cup in Qatar comes to the fore. It is by far the most-watched sports event around the globe. And to get you all geared up for the World Cup 2022 coverage, we have created the ideal pack of graphic templates. By utilizing this perfect opportunity to engage your fans, you can drive interactions and engagements like never before. With unique designs alternative to the official identity, Kickly users will leave their footprint on Qatar 2022 coverage.

Match Announcements

The biggest games deserve the best visuals. With multiple match announcement templates for a single game and daily fixtures, you can keep the fans engaged and informed. As the example of the tournament opener between Qatar and Ecuador shows, you get to announce the venue, and details as well. Furthermore, you can even include social links to all your platforms for your fans to stay connected.

Match Result templates for World Cup

Arguably, the match result graphic is the most shared and engaged one. Kickly has made a seamless template for you that announces the teams, and the match’s final score. Moreover, you get to include the scorers along with the timings of the goals as a cherry on top. With these templates ready to publish in no time, you can share results timely and expect loads of engagement from your current and new fans.

Lineup Graphics

Lineups are going to be an essential part of your Qatar World Cup 2022 coverage. It’s not enough for the fans to just know that their team is playing. But they also want to know who will be taking the pitch. So many comments and conversations revolve around this graphic as fans have their say on the selection. You can even create Team of the week, the group stage, and more with this template.

World Cup Fantasy Editable Template

Watch Party poster

Isn’t the Football World Cup just another perfect opportunity to get a watch party going? Nothing beats sharing the passion and thrill of watching your favorite sport and making memorable moments. Use this poster as an announcement with match, location, time, and other details to get going. This graphic template is fantastic to take online interactions and convert them into great numbers offline.

News templates for World Cup

Information in demand spreads like wildfire online. With so many developments and updates surrounding any World Cup, Qatar 2022 is going to be no different. Therefore, we have created the optimal templates for you to deliver breaking news, share quotes and keep your fans glued.

Man of the Match & Player stats

Who has been the talisman for their side? How do the two teams stack up against each other? Which player pulls the strings in the game? All of this, and more, can be answered and shared through this campaign. Fans love watching how well their players and teams have performed with the numbers backing that up. Use this campaign as often as you can for the best results.

Country Flags Pack

Now, there is no need to google the flags of all those countries and try to find the right resolution and dimensions. As Kickly always strives to save your time and effort, we have enabled the download of all the flags of the 32 teams taking part in Qatar 2022. Once you have them, use them in all the templates at your disposal for a hit coverage of the World Cup this time around.

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FIFA World Cup 2022 - Country Flags Icons Pack

Start your World Cup coverage with Kickly

There you have it. The biggest and most followed sporting event in the world deserves unprecedented and unparalleled coverage. And Kickly has equipped you with all that you need to drive engagement and interactions through the Qatar World Cup 2022 like never before. All of this is to be achieved with the minimum of fuss.

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