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Eagles Football Academy is a London-based platform for children to hone their football skills, as they look to develop into professional athletes. The Football Academy combines professionalism and their love of football into everything they do. All their groups play in the Youth Premier Showcase League in London, a league where children are scouted by specialists, and the best of them can be signed by top teams. 

Gabriel Dumitru, the General Manager of the academy, got in touch with Kickly in July 2020 in an attempt to increase the social media mileage of Eagles Football Academy. His efforts, plus a clear content strategy and a powerful tool like Kickly, brought in the results. The club’s followers increased, the engagements went up and the aesthetics of the social platforms improved dramatically in no time. The content strategy was based on two main pillars to help the academy grow. Here are a few samples. 

1) Team news and updates, such as match results, new signings, quotes

The club was able to post their man of the match, fixtures and match results within minutes in real-time of the action having taken place. Kickly enables the club to do this in an aesthetically pleasing fashion and without wasting any time. This practice increased interactions and the following of the club.

2) Engaging the community with invites and celebration announcements

Making your audience feel appreciated and heard is vital in establishing a healthy relationship between your football academy and your followers. Eagles Football Academy was at the top of their social media game in this regard.

Why did Eagles Football Academy Choose Kickly For Their Social Media?

We had a brisk Q&A session with Gabriel Dumitru, the General Manager of the academy, who was the best person to ask this question.

I) What is the greatest benefit that Kickly brings to a football academy like Eagles?
Kickly saves us a lot of time in the creative process, with fantastic results. We have engaging, fresh, and original designs for our banners that communicate results and fixtures.

II) On average, how much time do you spend creating a graphic with Kickly? What type of content do you create more often?
5 minutes for a normal banner that announces a fixture or result. We use our photo from the match and replace the stock one from the template. Adjust text, adjust colors and that’s it. Thank you, Kickly, for making our marketing creation process easier and quicker.

How is Kickly helping Eagles Football Academy grow on Social Media?

Whether you are an amateur or a professional football academy, the power of social media today to amplify your content and to get your content in front of the maximum number of people can no longer be ignored. If done right, as in the case of Eagles Football Academy as discussed above, the results are exceptional. From your sponsors, fundraisers to your players; everyone wins. To start your winning journey, SIGN UP with KICKLY today!

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