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Today, we’re launching the free model which gets rid of the 30 day trial period and gives lifetime access to free sports graphic templates. Teams and clubs can now utilize the app for free, with limited features and experience, and make the switch to Kickly Pro or the Kickly Team model at a click of a button.

Community feedback has been critical in making this move as different clubs are their busiest at different times of the year and they were unable to harness the true power of Kickly within the 30 days trial period. From now on, sports entities get to enjoy the seamless experience of creating stunning sports graphics for free at their own pace and in their own time.


The Kickly Free model offers a chance for the users to unlock the stunning potential of up to 75 amazing sports graphic templates. Limited features are accessible (20 basic fonts, 500 MB upload data, etc.) with watermarks. This is to get you acquainted with the platform and to give your graphics a boost.

The PRO model is perfect for when you want your clubs or sporting organizations graphics to stand out from the crowd. Offering 150 templates, customizable social media sizes, 1000+ fonts, no watermarks and so much more, it is right when you want to make your switch to the major leagues when it comes to your sports graphics. Check out the pricing page for more.

Kickly Free offers a chance for the users to unlock the stunning potential of up to 75 amazing sports graphic templates.


Kickly is the home of free sports graphics templates. With its PRO features at your disposal, Kickly allows you to cut the costs of hiring a graphics team, massively reduces the time and effort put into creating remarkable sports visuals and saves you money by offering a subscription fee which costs 20 times less than hiring a dedicated resource.

SIGN UP TODAY to find out how Kickly can take your sports organization’s graphics to the next level. 

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