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Match days tend to see the most interactions by the fans on a club’s social media platforms. Naturally, the fans are glued to the latest updates to see how their team’s performing. The result? Off-season days, or days other than the match day, can be a little bit of a drag. But that doesn’t always have to be the case with your club.

We are tapping into some of the most engaging and interesting around-the-year content ideas, from the global sports community, to keep your fans engaged and enthralled.


This is a wonderful campaign to bring important events in your club’s past to life once again. For instance, Mercedes-AMG Petronas, one of the Formula 1 racing teams, reminded their fans of the exact moment their latest car W11 was revealed to the world for the first time.

Ask a question

Your fans are your most important assets. Their passion for your club is unparalleled. And when you give the opportunity to your fans to have their say, to let them know you value their opinion, that is when you hit the sweet-spot. Sky Sports did exactly that by encouraging their fans to post questions they would want Pep Guardiola (manager of the team Manchester City in the English Premier League) to answer. They then picked a few of the best ones and got Pep to answer them.

Sky Sports encouraged their fans to post questions they would want Pep Guardiola

Post a Meme

Memes are one of the best forms of content to post on your social platforms outside of the busy, information laden match-days. As long as they are fun and playful, memes provide the humour which can light up the day of any fan. Here is an example of how AS Roma, playing in the Italian Serie A, announced that their admin was back with a meme that went viral. The premise enticed the whole football community to join in.

Top Plays of the Week

The Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association made a great post of their top plays of the week. Such a content, in short bites, is happily and easily consumed by the fans which showcases the best the team had to offer.

Guess the Player

Multan Sultans, the cricket team in the Pakistan Super League have another inspiration for you. Posting a few stats and some interesting information about one of their players, they invited their fans to guess his name.

The LineUp Question

Transfers, an account dedicated to inform about football transfers around the globe, posted a picture of flags and invited interactions from their fans. Such lineups are engaging and informational for the fans.

The LineUp Question

Get People to vote

Wide World of Sports, which covers sporting events globally, created a hypothetical face-off between the legends of Australian Open from different eras and invited people to vote on who would win. Such content ideas for off-season can do wonders in generating novel content.

Wish your players A Happy Birthday

Players love it when their club shows the laters love and support for the former. Kickly is easy to use, and a fantastic tool that has ready-made templates for such campaigns.

Retweet your player’s content

Your players are where the magic happens. Retweeting their posts can bring you new followers and connect the club’s fans to the players like never before.

Post an illustration of your player

Interesting graphic designs always catch the attention of the fans. Illustrations are a great way of doing that. Omar Momani is an experienced illustrator, presenting creative ideas through his designs.

Instagram Stories Interactions

Using all the available tools of any given platform is highly encouraged in the digital world. We recommend you to use polls, multiple choices, and the tools in Instagram stories to keep your fans excited around the year.

Instagram Stories Interactions - NASCAR, AS Monaco, Chelsea FC

Utilise International Days

International Days are a great way to use trending topics, gain traction, and have your say on the matter. The Olympics digital team made a beautiful collection of short videos to showcase their love for sports.

There are numerous ways of generating content ideas for your sporting organization ‘s off-season days. We believe instead of fretting about what to post next, you should be relishing the opportunity of keeping your fans excited about what they would see next. From memes, hypothetical face-offs, to a round of the best plays, the possibilities are endless.

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