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Running successful social media marketing campaigns for sports brands can be hectic. With an array of things to cater to; from sports design templates, live streaming, to engagement tracking, you want to know what your go-to apps and tools are. Well, you are in luck. We have compiled a list of the best apps and tools for you to boost your social media reach, digital engagement, and monitor your brand’s performance.

This list of apps and tools will not only help you ease the work-load, but also open new avenues for you to maximize your sports organization’s performance on social platforms. Let’s dive-in and have a look at what you might be missing out on.

1. Kickly – The graphic design App dedicated to sports brands

Kickly is an online app for sports organizations to create graphic content in minutes. Teams and clubs around the world can unlock the potential of higher engagement, by having access to amazing pre-designed templates for matchdays, scores, lineups, stats, and much more. You can sign-up for free and start reaping the benefits in seconds.

Kickly is an online app for sports organizations to create graphic content templates

Kickly is your one-stop place for impactful and gorgeous design templates, ready to give your sports organization an edge.

2. Unsplash – Use copyright-free stock-images for backgrounds

Unsplash is a community of visual contributors around the globe, offering copyright-free images to be downloaded and used instantly. Millions of creators worldwide are using Unsplash to create stunning visuals on the go. It is a wonderful resource for your sports brand to use these images, plug them into a graphic template, and get your content the traction it deserves on social platforms.

Alternative option: Pexels

3. – Remove the background of any image and use them for your sports organization

Removing the background from an image is something every social media campaign runner is accustomed to. For your sports brand, it must be a routine task. And that is where comes in. Forget using professional software, and meticulously tracing an outline. Now, you can remove the background of any image in seconds using this online tool, and get your .png image to be placed anywhere, waiting for you to unleash your creativity.

4. Planable – Social media management, scheduling, and approvals

Every sports organization has a multitude of social accounts running. Planning, getting approvals, and posting, are a few of the things which can take away from a lot of your time. No more. Planable is your sports organization’s definitive social media management tool. It offers you a workspace for collaboration, offering specific rights to users as you deem fit, and a calendar to schedule your whole week, month, or year.

Alternative options: Hootsuite, Buffer

5. Business Suite – Facebook page management at your fingertips

The Facebook Business Suite (former Pages Manager) is an incredible app to stay on top of things for your sports organization’s Facebook or Instagram page. You can post content on the move, go live, check your insights, stay on top of your comments and messages, promote your content and so much more. It is an essential app to exploit the full potential of your Facebook page to strengthen your social media strategy.

iOS | Android

Facebook Business Suiteis an incredible app to stay on top of things for your sports organization’s social media marketing

6. Linktree – For all your links at one place

Managing several links of your sports organization’s account can be tedious. As you grow your social audience and reach, certain links can even get overlooked. Linktree offers the ideal solution. It helps you connect all your audiences to all your content by just using a single link. The drag-and-drop interface allows you to effortlessly create your list of links, which can be accessed anywhere, by anyone, by just clicking on the single Linktree link. It helps you analyze the performance of each of the links and takes the hassle away.

7. – Video editing on the move offers a simple and easy way to edit your videos while you are out and about or even from the comfort of your couch. It takes away the thought of using heavy graphic software to edit your videos. Your sporting organization can run your social media campaigns by quickly making professional videos, using features such as cropping, adding music, text, managing color profiles and so much more. We highly recommend that you give it a try.

Alternative options: InShot, Videoshop

8. MyCujoo – live streaming your matches

MyCujoo is one of the fastest-growing football players’ communities online. Primarily made for amateur, women’s, and youth football clubs, it offers the opportunity for your sports organization to live-stream your matches, create player profiles, build a community, and increase your interactions. You can share your live feed link on your social platforms, create highlights, and ensure your fans are staying up-to-date with all the events.

Alternative option: Streamlabs

9. Greenfly – Community content creation, distribution and performance analytics

Greenfly is the ideal tool to leverage the power of your sporting brand’s community. In a single workspace, it allows you to brief your content creators, curate the content as the entries come in, and route the content to the relevant individual to share on your social platforms. And all of this is done without ever having to leave the App. You can schedule your posts, have your copyrighting done, and gauge your community’s social interactions in a collaborative work-space.

10. Brand24 – Keyword monitoring and track community mentions of your brand

How your sports brand is perceived and received by the community, should be a major concern of yours. Brand24 gives you the power to monitor your sporting organization’s performance and brand mentions across forums, blogs, social media, news, reviews, and more. You get notifications as soon as someone talks about you. It is an amazing tool to leverage the power of analytics.

Now that you know what needs to be done, it’s time to get to work, start reaping the benefits, and deliver successful social media marketing campaigns for sports brands.

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