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The followership of tennis is on the rise as one of the most-watched global sports is getting an increasing interest and engagement from fans online. Be it tennis clubs, tennis players or media outlets covering the sport, people want to know the how, the what, and the when. This is precisely why Kickly has introduced a dedicated tennis templates section with the objective of taking your designs into the Grand Slams of tennis coverage.

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Game Announcement
Stats: Individual or Head 2 Head
Game Result Tennis Templates
Champion Announcement
Player Quote or Other News

Tennis Game Announcement Template

Match announcements are a cornerstone of the game and a key tennis template. Fans are waiting in anticipation about the upcoming match-ups and their essential details. With Kickly, you get to use the images of the players in action or as headshots. Furthermore, the venue announcement alongside the time mention ensures people will catch on.

Stats: Individual or Head 2 Head

Nothing builds a bit of excitement and context like the numbers in the sport of tennis. As a tennis player, club or news outlet, you can showcase the mettle behind the star by sharing key stats with the fans. These come in a variety of individual and head 2 head graphics. With both graphics, you get to choose an eye-catching image of the player in action. Adding to that, you can choose which numbers to display and excite your audience with. Overall, this creates a fun experience for your fans to stay informed and connected.

Game Result Tennis Templates

Everyone wants to know what happened at the end of the day. Most often than not, as soon as it does too. Our game result tennis template will make that easy for you so your following gets what it wants quickly, wrapped in visual appeal. Your fans won’t miss a thing. Since you get to announce the scores for each set in a dedicated space. Alongside this, the names and the image of the winner get the centre stage. Consequently, this creates a winning package for your fans to feast on.

The perfect tennis templates to score your game, set, and match

Champion Announcement

Any tennis event, tournament, celebrates a champion to cap off the event and we have just the right graphics to have your end sorted. The loud and bold text in the graphic catches the eyes of the fans instantly. So that they get a rush of blood immediately as they find out what the post is all about. Moreover, within a few clicks, the picture and text change makes you ready to go. Now, you can share the joy with your audience in a timely manner. And they can join in on the festivity as well.

Tournament Champion Editable Template

Player Quote or Other News

The latest updates and quotes to keep the viewers informed are vital. Use this tennis template in an aesthetically clean design to get the best out of it. And keep your fans engaged on the go. The design using color contrast allows the information to be an easy read for your fans. Such visuals are a great way to keep your fans on their toes. Which is precisely what Kickly wants to help you achieve.

Tennis Player Quote Template

Tennis Rankings Templates

The table toppers, the new kids on the rise, the experienced ones firing once again; let the rankings proclaim the best of the best. This tennis template lets your fans know who’s on top. But it’s not just that. Additionally, the dedicated space to list your top contenders spikes the interest of the audience. Hence, you have a winning graphic ready to get the traction it deserves.

Tennis Player Ranking Template

There you have it. The tennis templates package covers all your major events/news to cover the sport. And not only that, it does it with a single layout throughout to follow a coherent theme in communication for your fans to affiliate with. With the multiple social media resize at your disposal as well, your coverage as a tennis club, a tennis player or a sports news outlet is ready to begin to realise its true potential. All that is left now to do is to Kickly Away! 

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