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As 2023 draws to an end, we are excited to unveil a series of enhancements aimed at enhancing your editing experience on Kickly. The centerpiece of these updates is the revamped color functionality in templates. Additionally, we’ve introduced exciting new features, including the ability to add colored shadows to text, create text outlines, utilize larger font sizes, and more. Explore all these enhancements in the sections below.

Color Editing, Redefined

The latest update transforms the color editing experience. Now, you can directly color each text or vector layer, which allows for a more personalized touch. On top of that, the color schemes located at the bottom of each template will automatically adjust to match the colors used in your design, giving you a handy overview of your color choices.

This advanced yet straightforward approach to customization ensures that your graphics will stand out with a unique color signature that is truly your own.

Learn how to change the main color of a layer by watching the tutorial video below:

For an in-depth guide, visit our Help Center articles:

New Feature: Outlined Text Effect

Premium plan users now have access to a highly sought-after feature in sports design: outlined texts. This feature enhances designs with a clear, impactful style, suitable for the dynamic nature of sports. Outlined texts help important phrases and team names stand out, even against complex backgrounds, making them perfect for promotional materials, or event posters where visibility and boldness are key.

Outlined Text Effect Aimed at Enhancing The Color Experience on Kickly

You have the option to create your outline text effect or keep an eye on our latest template releases. Rest assured, these new designs will incorporate this exciting feature, providing you with even more creative possibilities.

Tutorial: How can I add a colored border to text →

New Feature: Colored Drop Shadow Text Effect

This addition elevates design elements with depth and contrast, perfectly complementing the dynamic world of sports. The colored drop shadows make text elements such as team names and key slogans visually pop, ensuring they are highly noticeable even on intricate backgrounds.

Colored Drop Shadow Effect Aimed at Enhancing The Color Experience on Kickly

Tutorial: How can I add a colored drop shadow to text →

Creating captivating content for your sports club has never been easier than with Kickly. Our latest enhancements are designed to empower you with simple tools that yield professional results. With the new color functionalities and text effects, your club’s visual content will not only capture the spirit of the game but also the unique essence of your team. So why wait? Embrace the ease of Kickly and create your next standout graphic today!

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