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The Philadelphia Lone Star FC, an American professional soccer development club, is reaping the benefits of using Kickly to their advantage. Competing in the USL League Two and the National Premier Soccer League, the club primarily offers opportunities for youngsters to develop into complete professionals of the game in a highly competitive and lucrative environment.

The club started using Kickly as the platform to create engaging and visually appealing graphics in September 2021 and hasn’t looked back since. Covering match days, sponsor announcements, transfer news, and more, the Philadelphia Lone Star FC has been able to post content timely and efficiently, increasing followers and interactions on their platforms. Let’s look at a few samples from their Instagram account.

Season Opener, Sponsor Integration & Player Announcements

For the season opener, the fans were invited to take part and support their home side. The graphic was supplemented by a presentation of the team’s season-long opponents, aimed to encourage the fans to look forward into the new season.

A successful social media strategy is based on satisfying the needs of your fans and your sponsors. Kickly allows seamless integration of your sponsors into the graphics of the clubs and that is exactly what the club did with the following graphic.

Another key campaign used by the Philadelphia Lone Star FC is the transfer announcement of players. Clean, crisp, and branded perfectly, the club has been able to realize the potential virality of such a campaign.

Matchday Content

Any club’s fans value and share the content which gives them the right information, wrapped in visual appeal. From fixtures announcements and team lineups to the matchday content, Philadelphia Lone Star FC has used the power of Kickly to deliver fantastic organic results.

How Philadelphia Lone Star FC uses Kickly for their Social Media?

Since September 2021, the Philadelphia Lone Star FC has been making its mark on the digital landscape with the help of Kickly. Consequently, their followers have seen a rise of more than 24% on Instagram alone. We caught up with the President & CEO of the club, Paul Konneh, and asked him about what made it all work:

What is the greatest benefit that Kickly brings to an organization such as Philadelphia Lone Star FC?
Paul: Kickly cuts down the cost of hiring graphics designers. Working with limited finances, the platform allows us to have officials at our club create professionally-looking graphics at a lower cost.

Which feature of Kickly is most important to you?
Paul: It is the ability to have at your disposal uploaded pictures, stored automatically for repeated use, if needed.

On average, how much time do you spend creating a graphic with Kickly? What type of content do you create more often?
Paul: Roughly 2-3 minutes to create a graphic with Kickly. It is very easy to use. The content created more often includes pre-game, match day, starting XI, result, player of the match, and fixtures. We have enjoyed using Kickly for our club graphics for nearly a year. Keep up the great work.

Kickly: a winning social media formula for the Philadelphia Lone Star FC

Clubs like Philadelphia Lone Star FC around the globe can make the most of their social media campaigns with Kickly at their disposal. This case study showcases another successful occasion where limited finances and human resources are managed in an ideal manner to get the most out of your graphics promptly.

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