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The latest feature launched by Kickly is labeled; Objects. The feature houses a library of more than 300 sport icons available in vector format. Furthermore, it contains a variety of shapes, trophies, and arrows which are customizable as per your needs to enhance your graphics and get the best out of them. These fantastic icons are released for the PRO users of the platform. Now, you might be wondering where these features will help you out and how can you use them? Let’s dive right in to answer that. 

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Utilize more than 300 sport icons to make your graphics look even better with Kickly

Where Can You Use Sport Icons

1) Announcing the sporting event

If you are a sports club that has a multitude of sporting events taking place inside your proverbial doors, this is right up your alley. Icons are innately equipped to quickly pass on the requisite information to the viewer. Upon one look, your fan knows that competition being advertised is regarding badminton, tennis, football, or anything you want it to be. Not just that, with the announcement of a schedule containing multiple sports, for instance, your fans will know which event will exactly take place when.

Utilize more than 300 sport icons to announce your next sporting event

2) Adding useful details

The addition of details is a sure-shot way of adding some personality to your graphic design. Undoubtedly, the vector-based images will help you achieve precisely this objective. Think of yourself as a sports club that is announcing the next big match-up. You can use the clock icon to announce the time, the location icon so the viewer knows the venue and the calendar icon for the date. Overall, your design will look better and have more information for the user.

Utilize more than 300 sport icons to add useful details

3) Adding elements for depth and design

Icons have proven time and again to add depth to any graphic design. Whether you use the trophy icon as a seamless design in the background of a champion’s announcement. Or you use the arrows in a football match’s result alongside the announcement of substitutions, icons do the trick of enhancing your visuals brilliantly.

How can you use the Objects feature

These vector-based images are a great way to uplift your graphic designs. They are a ubiquitous feature in sports graphics and we at Kickly have made their integration seamless for you. The feature active in the PRO account with 300+ options at your disposal.

1️⃣ Open your template
Choose any of the templates that you want to work upon for your sports graphic.

2️⃣ Click ‘Objects’ on the left menu
Once the template is open, click the ‘Objects’ tab on the left menu to access the feature.

3️⃣ Choose your icon
You can now choose from an option of 300+ icons available which you can scroll through. Once you decide which one you want to use, click on it. This will automatically add the icon to the template.

4️⃣ Sizing and placement
Once you have the object on the template, you can drag it anywhere on the design for its placement and can use the corners to increase or decrease the size. The options panel also gives you control with regards to its transparency and other things.

Utilize more than 300 sport icons to make your graphics look even better with Kickly

5️⃣ Coloring the object
Now it’s time to assign the color to the object. Once the icon is selected, go to the color palette at the bottom right corner, below the template you are working on. You can select any of the colors which are already a part of the template and click ‘Main’ to color the object accordingly.

Please note that all the elements are linked with a specific color. So if you change one of the core template colors, everything connected to it will change as well.

You can also input a new color for the object you have selected by clicking the + sign at the bottom right corner. If you know your desired color code, you could simply enter that too.

There you have it. From checkered flags, trophies, arrows, and sport icons to so much more. Indeed, the possibilities are endless. The ‘Objects’ feature introduces 300+ icons to enhance your graphics by adding subtle details which boost the aesthetics of your design. Sign up today and take your sports graphics to a whole new level!

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